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Olean General Hospital


The pediatric unit at Olean General Hospital is a unique area designed to evoke a warm and cozy environment in which children can heal.

The care provided by the Pediatric Unit spans patients ranging in age from neonates through adolescence and provides a diverse and challenging environment for the nurses staffing the unit.  The entire staff works as a team that is patient centered and geared to providing the highest quality nursing care.  An interdisciplinary approach allows each pediatric nurse to interact with staff as well as physicians and patient families across all clinical boundaries enhancing their professional experience to help assure the best outcomes for the patients.

Each patient is viewed as an individual with special needs and the intent is to always deliver medical care with professionalism, care and compassion. The medical surgical staff charged with working with our patients is specially trained in pediatrics and  integrate with physicians, surgical care services, rehabilitation services and a registered dietitian to formulate the best care .

Our Treatment and Care Facilities

Our treatment and care facilities include:

  • neonatal incubators
  • infant monitors specially designed to comfortably interface with newborns
  • specially designed  intravenous injection systems for the simplified and consisted application of medications 


The Pediatrics Unit provides several distinct benefits including the following:

  • A cozy environment that address a child’s need for security and comfort
  • A professional nursing staff in tune with the needs of the patient and their family
  • Beds with built in exit alarms to prompt speedy reaction when a patient may unexpectedly leave their bed.
  • An electronic patient record system that records treatments and assessments of patient conditions.
  • A pharmacy that assists staff in delivering medications.
  • Wii ® Game Equipment for both fun and exercise
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