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The day you deliver your baby is a day you'll never forget. Olean General Hospital makes childbirth a special experience for all women. That's why it's important for both the mother and child to be followed closely throughout the pregnancy, during the delivery and after the birth. Our team of providers delivers approximately 750 babies every year and is committed to providing the highest quality care to new moms and their babies.

Labor and Delivery is located on the fourth floor of Olean General Hospital and is accessible by taking the west wing elevator. Labor and Delivery, patient rooms and OB surgery are located together on the fourth floor.


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Our private maternity rooms are designed with your comfort in mind and the modern technology needed to welcome your new baby safely into this world. A central monitoring system tracks fetal well-being; 24-hour epidural services are always available.

Family and friends are welcome to visit during labor if you wish.

Every room has a private bathroom including shower, birthing bed, newborn bassinet, TV, rocking chair and recliner. Your partner or significant other is encouraged to spend the night with you to help them get to know your baby and participate in the care of your newborn.

We offer

  • Skin to skin
  • Rooming-in
  • Lactation support
  • Newborn bath demonstrations


Childbirth and Breastfeeding Classes

The birth of your baby is one of the most exciting and joyful times in your life. Our childbirth education classes are designed with you and your family in mind. Our experienced staff will work with you to help ensure the safest and most satisfying birth experience possible. We’ll explain the facts and options available in maternity care and answer all of your questions. All classes include a maternity floor tour.

Breastfeeding classes will explain feeding patterns, proper positioning techniques, pumping and storage of breast milk and more.

Call 716/375-6330 or email to register!

2020 childbirth class schedule



Make your maternity experience as easy as possible. Complete the pre-admission registration form at the mid-point of your pregnancy (about 20 weeks), or call 716/375-6400 to pre-register or stop by the hospital to pre-register.


What to bring

Preparing for a hospital stay can be both exciting and stressful. We recommend packing a suitcase four weeks in advance of your due date to ensure you are ready to go should your baby decide to come a little early. Here’s a list of items we suggest you bring with you to the hospital:

  • Photo ID and insurance card
  • Toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, comb or brush, make-up, hair tie, etc.
  • Two or three nightgowns and a bathrobe (nightgowns can get messy after birth)
  • Going home outfit
  • Bras (buy nursing bras if you will be breastfeeding)
  • Underwear
  • Slippers or socks
  • Shower shoes/ flip-flops
  • Baby book
  • Something to read or watch
  • Camera/video camera
  • Friends and family phone list
  • Snacks for your support person
  • New York state law requires an approved car seat for all infants

Put these things in the baby's suitcase: An undershirt and an outfit for the baby to wear home, including a sweater and hat, a light receiving blanket and a heavy baby blanket if it is cold outside, pediatrician's name and phone number.

What shouldn't I bring to the hospital?

Do NOT bring jewelry, credit cards, or a lot of cash with you. There might not be a safe place to keep these items and the hospital will not accept responsibility if they are lost or stolen. Your valuables should remain at home. Mothers and babies are usually not in the hospital very long after birth. After a vaginal delivery you will be able to go home on the second day and if you have a c-section, you will be able to go home on the third day.

Visitor information

Security -  For the safety and security of our youngest patients and their families, our unit has a secure entrance. Visitors to the unit will be welcomed by staff after pressing the call button located at the entrance.

Labor and Delivery - Family and friends are welcome to wait in the waiting room which has a window view of the newborn nursery.

Infection prevention - Hand hygiene is a key to infection control. Anyone entering a patient room is required to clean their hands before entering. Hand sanitizers are available throughout the unit and in every patient room. Newborns are susceptible to germs and infection. If you are not feeling well, please don't visit until you are well.

All rooms are private. Siblings (must be accompanied by an adult), family and friends are encouraged to visit. No children under the age of 12 may visit, with the exception of siblings. 

Going Home

Prior to being discharged, nurses offer education on newborn home care, and all OB nursing staff are available to assist breastfeeding mothers during their stay. All babies receive a hearing screening with a an ALGO 5 AABR hearing screener. This is the gold standard in newborn hearing screening. Parents must have an approved infant safety car seat at the time of discharge. *Special Note: If you are not legally married and the father of your baby wants to sign paternity papers, he must have a photo ID with him at the hospital.



Approximately 90 babies die each year in New York state from unsafe sleep related practices. At Olean General Hospital, we practice the ABCs (babies sleep safest Alone, on their Backs, in a Crib) of safe sleep.

OGH follows the ABCs of Safe Sleep

Learn more from the New York State Department of Health's Office of Children and Family Services.

 OGH, STHCS work to keep infants safer. Read more here.



Read about OGH being named a Gold Safe Sleep Champion here.


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