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Olean General Hospital

OB/GYN - Maternity - Labor & Delivery

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department (OB/GYN) provides complete privacy with individual rooms.

Four Labor, Delivery, Recovery Rooms - each with a private bathroom, shower, birthing bed, newborn bassinet, television, rocking chair and recliner.

These spacious rooms allow the coach to remain with the patient throughout the labor process. A central monitoring system tracks fetal well-being; 24-hour epidural services are always available.

For the safety and security of our youngest patients and their families, our unit has a secure entrance. Visitors to the unit will be welcomed by staff after pressing the call button located at the entrance.

Approximately 750 deliveries are performed each year. A cesarean-section delivery room is conveniently accessible off of labor and delivery. The family can enjoy a quiet waiting area with a window view of the newborn nursery.

Prior to being discharged, nurses offer education on newborn home care, and all OB nursing staff are available to assist breastfeeding mothers during their stay. All babies receive a hearing screening with a new ALGO 5 AABR hearing screener. This is the gold standard in newborn hearing screening.

Childbirth classes and breastfeeding classes are also offered at OGH and are taught by members of the OB nursing staff. 

2019 childbirth and breastfeeding classes



Approximately 90 babies die each year in New York state from unsafe sleep related practices. At Olean General Hospital, we practice the ABCs (babies sleep safest Alone, on their Backs, in a Crib) of safe sleep.

OGH follows the ABCs of Safe Sleep

Learn more from the New York State Department of Health's Office of Children and Family Services.

 OGH, STHCS work to keep infants safer. Read more here.



Read about OGH being named a Gold Safe Sleep Champion here.


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