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Olean General Hospital


Inpatient Nutrition Care

The Food and Nutrition Services Department at Olean General Hospital is responsible for planning and producing all of the meals provided to patients at the hospital, in addition to providing comprehensive clinical nutrition care.

Nutrition Care includes screening for nutrition risk, assessing nutrition support needs and making recommendations to the physician. Our New York State Certified Dietitian/Nutritionists provide nutrition counseling for patients. The Dietitians and Diet Technicians are registered by the American Dietetic Association and meet their strict continuing education requirements to assure the highest skill levels. Collectively, each is committed to improving the quality of nutritional health in our patients and the community.

We offer a liberalized diet with customized meal choices and plans for our patients during their stay with us. In catering to each patient’s special needs, hostesses meet daily with each patient to assist them with their personal meal selections, to prepare food trays and to deliver restaurant-style meals.

Café 515

The Nutrition Services Department also manages the Café 515 in the hospital, which is a full service cafeteria for staff and visitors. It offers a variety of daily choices including nutritional specials, a salad bar and a complement of desserts, beverages and snacks.

Outpatient and Community Nutrition Care

Outpatient nutrition counseling services and community programs are offered to meet the dietary needs for many different diagnoses. Overall efforts, under the direction of your physician, are committed to providing age-appropriate services for those with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, weight management, and more through better nutrition. For more information, please call the Nutrition Department Office at 716-375-6297.

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