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Olean General Hospital

Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit at Olean General is a highly specialized medical and nursing care unit charged with treating patients faced with life threatening illness.

ICU Team

Olean General Hospital's ICU is managed by specially trained physicians, called intensivists, for the direction and provision of medical care for critically ill patients. Each intensivist at Olean General has completed a primary residency and board certification in a specialty such as emergency medicine, surgery, internal medicine or anesthesiology, as well as a fellowship in critical care medicine. The use of intensivists significantly enhances the treatment and safety of ICU patients, as these physicians can provide patients with a higher level of care available to fewer than 20 percent of hospitals nationwide.

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In addition to the intensivist program, Olean General Hospital's ICU has some of the most highly trained nursing staff available. Critical care nurses (CCRNs) provide a high level of skilled nursing for continuous and total patient care. Their expertise, training and round-the-clock observation of patients allows them to recognize subtle but significant changes in patient conditions, thereby preventing worsening conditions and minimizing complications that arise from critical illness.


The Intensive Care Unit at Olean General Hospital utilizes a vast array of modern instruments and machines to assist and monitor patients through their life threatening experience.


Olean General Hospital has the region's most advanced Intensive Care Unit. Intensivists direct and coordinate all clinical care in the ICU, working with the assistance and consultation of various medical staff members. These high-level physicians are present in the ICU 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Simply put, there is no other Intensive Care Unit in the region that can offer best-in-class medical care in an environment designed to enhance the quality of patient care and comfort.

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