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Olean General Hospital Installs World's First SMART CT Scanner

Posted on: 05/18/2012

As shown: Helen Layman, RT, Director of Imaging and Radiation Services and Alexandra Wesley, MD, Site Director of Radiology review the features of the newly installed 128-slice CT Scanner set to go into service on Monday, May 21, 2012.

Safer, faster and more accurate are the benefits of Olean General Hospital’s new 128-slice Computerized Tomography Scanner (CT), going into operation at the hospital on May 21.

Olean General Hospital is the first hospital in the region to install the Siemens SOMATOM® Definition AS+. The CT scanner is the world’s first that adapts to virtually any patient condition and provides clinicians with better diagnostic information and lower dosages of radiation than in previous generations of scanners. It is the only 128-slice CT scanner in the Southern Tier and replaces the hospital’s six-year-old 64-slice CT.

“This scanner brings the best world class imaging home to the region and is part of our commitment to offer the safest and latest technology to our patients”, said Timothy J. Finan, president and CEO of Olean General Hospital and the Upper Allegheny Health System.

While the new scanner quickly delivers extraordinary high resolution images to physicians, perhaps its most significant benefit is the machine’s ability to automatically adjust radiation dosages to the most minimal level possible while patients are undergoing a scan.

All CT scanners use some amount of radiation to create images of the body. Over the years there has been a growing public concern over radiation exposure. Olean General Hospital’s new scanner is designed to actively and continually manage radiation, blocking unnecessary doses.

“The safety aspects of the new scanner cannot be understated,” said Michael Maresca, M.D., director of Radiology at Olean General Hospital. “Older generations of scanners delivered the same level of dosages, no matter what part of the body they were scanning. The new CT scanner at OGH delivers the correct dosage for the part of body scanned every time – no more, no less.”

Dr. Maresca explained the dosage needed to scan the chest is more than is needed to scan a hand, or the neck area. “This scanner’s sensors read the area of the body and know precisely how much radiation is needed for diagnosis” he said.

"This new CT scanner will provide a comfortable atmosphere that allows us to treat patients faster and with more accuracy. That’s extremely important to emergency room physicians when making a diagnosis," said Dr. Brian Walters, D.O., director of Emergency Services, Olean General Hospital.

CT scans are increasingly valuable tests for a wide range of medical conditions, from trauma to cancer, to help diagnose and treat every patient more quickly and accurately, regardless of condition. Every day, clinicians face the challenge of scanning patients with a wide range of medical conditions and diseases, each with their own unique circumstances, such as breathing problems or weight issues.

With many CT scanners, physicians can see the structure, size, shape, and location of images within the body, but these images can’t answer all diagnostic questions. The new CT provides additional vital information that enables doctors to differentiate, characterize, isolate and distinguish the tissue, making it easier to determine the disease. The scanner has a wide opening and 660-pound table-weight capacity.

In the case of stroke, physicians can use the scanner’s whole-organ imaging capability to show not only circulation of blood within a small part of the brain, like most CT scanners, but for all of it using the scanner’s 4-D Spiral technology.

“The purchase of this scanner is in part, the continuation of the many generous gifts bestowed upon Olean General Hospital by Mildred Milliman,” Dr. Maresca said. “To be only six years down the road from the installation of the state-of-the-art 64 slice CT scanner and installing the newest version of scanners currently available is remarkable.”

To schedule a CT exam, patients need a physician referral.

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