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OGH selected by DOH to combat growth of drug resistant infections

Posted on: 12/20/2017

Olean General Hospital, a Kaleida Health facility and member hospital of Upper Allegheny Health System, was selected as one of eight hospitals to assist the New York State Department of Health in its work to prevent antibiotic resistant infections.

CompleteRx, which provides pharmacy services to UAHS member hospitals OGH and Bradford Regional Medical Center, was part of the hospital’s pharmacy, information technology, laboratory, and infection control team that successfully secured a $50,000 grant from the DOH and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help develop and test improved processes for the National Healthcare Safety Network’s antimicrobial use and resistance module.

The current model has sporadic tracking and sharing of antimicrobial use and resistance data across the healthcare system. With no clear process or system in place for hospitals, this project is a vital step in overall efforts to decrease the spread of infections caused by drug-resistant organisms.

“We have a strong track record of implementing successful antimicrobial stewardship programs in partnership with UAHS and already have an established methodology for collecting and reporting on various ASP-related metrics such as antibiotic utilization rates and bacterial resistance patterns in addition to many other ASP tasks such as medication use evaluations and formal antibiotic time-out processes,” Paul Green, clinical pharmacy manager, CompleteRx, said. “This foundation gives us valuable insight as we work together to establish a coordinated, nationwide, electronic process that ultimately will source data from a hospital’s electronic health system and feed it directly into the AUR module.”

Recent reports by the World Health Organization indicate more than half of the patients admitted to U.S. hospitals receive at least one dose of an antibiotic and approximately 50 percent of those medications are either inappropriate in some way (dose, route, duration, could be a better drug choice) or completely unnecessary.

“This misuse of antibiotics, and the fact that more than 2 million Americans become infected annually with bacteria that are resistant to the first line of antibiotics, is why the DOH and CDC have enlisted the help of hospitals like OGH,” said Green said. “Having a holistic view of how and when antibiotics are utilized, as well as ongoing monitoring of prescribing and resistance patterns, is a critical next step in efforts to drive down the prevalence of infections caused by drug-resistant organisms and other consequences of antimicrobial misuse.”

Upper Allegheny Health System is the parent company of Bradford Regional Medical Center and Olean General Hospital, members of Kaleida Health. An integration of two prominent community hospitals in Southwestern New York state and Northwestern Pennsylvania, Upper Allegheny Health System’s goal is the enhancement of each hospital’s mission of care and service to their respective communities with the common goal of improving care, enhancing clinical programs and providing best-in-class service for various health needs.

CompleteRx is a leading independent provider of pharmacy management and consulting services to health systems across the country. Founded in 1998, the Houston-based company employs proprietary tools, clinical best practices, and workflow-management expertise to deliver client value. For more information, visit its website (, Twitter handle (@CompleteRx), or Facebook page (

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