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OGH, Cattaraugus County conduct community survey

Posted on: 09/20/2016

Participating with organizations across the community, Olean General Hospital (OGH) and the Cattaraugus County Health Department (CCHD) are in the process of conducting a community health survey as part of its recently launched Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

The assessment takes an in-depth look at the many health and social issues impacting individuals across the hospital’s service area. The purpose of the CHNA is to better understand the community’s needs and develop strategies to improve the health status of those served by the hospital and the health department, in partnership with community-based organizations, government agencies and private businesses.

The Community Health Needs Assessment is required of hospitals across the country every three years under IRS regulations for non-profit hospitals and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Similarly, local health departments in New York state have a similar obligation from the New York State Department of Health. OGH and CCHD kicked off this initiative August 19 with the first CHNA steering committee meeting; the committee is a cross section of community stakeholders with a wide range of health, social, business, educational and environmental interests.

OGH and CCHD are conducting stakeholder interviews and focus groups, gathering data, opinions and other information. In addition, OGH and CCHD are asking for the community to participate in a survey to get a general view of health and social issues in the region.

“A major part of conducting a community health needs assessment is ensuring we have input for the community-at-large,” stated Dr. Kevin Watkins, Cattaraugus County public health director. “The CHNA process will give a wealth of data from different sectors of our community. In addition, the community health survey gives the residents’ perspective of what affects public health in Cattaraugus County.”

“We are asking that residents of Cattaraugus County to take a few moments to complete the survey which is currently posted on Olean General Hospital’s website and the Cattaraugus County Health Department website,” said Dennis McCarthy, vice president of marketing and communications at OGH. “We would like as many people as possible to complete the survey. Our request is to complete the survey and ask your family and friends to do the same.”

Information garnered from the community survey, along with data, reports and other information from the hospital, community and government agencies will be reviewed by the CHNA Steering Committee. The final report is scheduled to be available to the public in late October.

“The Community Health Needs Assessment is very important in developing future strategies for Cattaraugus County,” Dr. Watkins said. “The community survey gives everyone the opportunity to have a voice in the process.”

To access the community survey, visit or To receive a paper copy of the survey, call 866/480-8003. Surveys must be completed by October 7, 2016.

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