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New lab system shows impressive results

Posted on: 10/03/2016

The laboratories at Olean General Hospital (OGH) and Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC), member hospitals of Upper Allegheny Health System, are seeing increased accuracy and improved turnaround time in laboratory testing thanks to a new auto verification process.

Auto verification utilizes computerized “rules” for evaluation, verification, and release of instrument generated lab results without technologist intervention, according to David Ramey, laboratory director, OGH and BRMC. Ramey noted that at OGH turnaround times for chemistry test results have improved significantly, by about 40 minutes for routine tests and 13 minutes for tests that require immediate action. The hospitals collectively generate more than four million lab results annually.

“Auto verification is a powerful tool that improves the quality of laboratory reporting. This is another example how the use of technology in healthcare has helped to create an environment for patient safety,” said Gail Bagazzoli, BSN, RN, vice president, quality and safety, Upper Allegheny Health System.

In addition to turnaround time and quality improvements, these changes will also enhance productivity and efficiency.

“Technicians can now focus on those specimens and results that require subjective interpretation or manual intervention and lead techs and supervisors can now focus on mandated administrative and regulatory duties,” Ramey said.

Upper Allegheny Health System is the parent company of Bradford Regional Medical Center and Olean General Hospital. An integration of two prominent community hospitals in Southwestern New York state and Northwestern Pennsylvania, Upper Allegheny Health System’s goal is the enhancement of each hospital’s mission of care and service to their respective communities with the common goal of improving care, enhancing clinical programs and providing best-in-class service for various health needs.

Caption: Amy Baer, lab technologist, Olean General Hospital, conducts tests at the hospital’s laboratory.

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