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Frequently asked careers questions


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Search for a Job

Q: How do I search for positions by location or job category?

A: Search capabilities exist after clicking on the Career Opportunities link located on the Careers page. Applicants are able to search by position location and/or by position title.

Q: What if I want to see all open positions?

A: Leave everything blank and click View Jobs.

Q: How do I change the sorting order of the job openings listings returned by my search?

A: Click the column header of the data you would like to sort by.

Q: I have the list of jobs, but how do I see the posting description?

A: Click Learn More to the right of the position name for the job you wish to see and it will take you to the job description.

Q: How can I search by my target salary?

A: It is Olean General Hospital's policy to not include target salaries in the job postings.

Q: What does Per-Diem mean?

A: Per-Diem is a status used for positions that do not have a set schedule. Per-Diem employees typically work as needed to cover shifts that are not covered by Part-Time or Full-Time employees.

Q: When entering a job application, can I save and come back to it later?

A: Yes, you may save your application and return to it by revisiting the Employment Page by clicking on the Job Opportunities link. Once on the page click the word "here" located under the search bar. You will need to enter the email address you used when you started your original application.

Q: Can you send me a list of your current job openings?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot send out a complete listing of all open positions on our web site. However, you may view the complete list by visiting our Employment Page.

Apply for a Job

Q: How may I submit my resume?

A: All applications/resumes are submitted through our online Employment Page. Applicants have the option to upload, paste or manually input all resume information.

Q: How do I apply for a job?

A: First, select the job posting, and then within the Job Description screen, click Continue.

Q: How do I apply if I don’t have a resume available?

A: As a part of the online application you will have the opportunity to manually enter in your resume information.  

Q: How long will my application/resume be kept on file?

A: Once you have applied for a position your application/resume will remain active in our database for one year after submission. During that time, it may be reviewed for openings for which you may be qualified.

Q: I am interested in working for Olean General Hospital. Can you email or mail me an application?

A: Olean General Hospital does not provide or accept paper applications.

Q: May I stop by your office and complete an application?

A: Yes, you are welcome to use the kiosk in the Human Resources department Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8 AM - 5 PM to complete an application.

Q: How long does it take to complete the online application?

A: On average, it takes applicants 35 to 45 minutes to complete the entire online application. As a part of the application process you will be asked a series of questions, have an opportunity to provide resume information, and will complete a behavioral assessment.

Q: I am having trouble completing the online application, what do I do?

A: If you are having trouble completing the online application please contact Human Resources at (716) 375-6156.

Q: When will I be called about my application status?

A: You will be contacted if you meet the minimum requirements of the position as outlined in the job description and are chosen for an onsite interview. Olean General Hospital  does not contact each applicant, but you can call Human Resources for an update on the status of your application.

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