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Employee Benefits

Olean General Hospital provides our employees an array of benefits in the areas of medical, dental, disability and life insurance. Benefits are provided in a flexible format to allow staff members to design the benefits plan that best meets their personal needs, and the needs of their dependents and/or spouse. Retirement plans are designed to give additional security when a staff member leaves the workforce.

Health Care

Medical Options

As an OGH employee, you have the opportunity to choose a medical plan that meets your health care needs. There are options that differ by means deductibles and co-pays.

Full time employees and those part time employees who work thirty (30) or more hours each pay will be eligible to participate in the Hospital’s group health insurance program beginning on the 1st day of the month following thirty (30) days of continuous service. Eligible employees may elect to participate in one of the current participating Health Insurance options.

The Hospital will discount one hundred (100%) on Olean General Hospital billings after insurance is paid for covered expenses for the employee and insured dependents, provided the employee and the dependent are covered by a hospital plan or have equivalent coverage under another plan.

Dental - Concordia

The benefit includes 2 annual cleanings per year and 80% of coverage up to $750 per year per person with a $750 lifetime maximum for orthodontics. There is an annual deductible of $25 for single $75 for family.

Full time employees and those part-time employees who work thirty (30) or more hours each pay will be eligible to participate in the Hospital’s group dental insurance program beginning on the 1st day of the month following thirty (30) days of continuous service. Olean General Hospital’s Dental Insurance plan provides coverage for preventative, restorative, major and orthodontic treatment. Employees participate by paying a pretax premium.

Insurances (Guardian)


Involuntary Group Life Insurance

All regular Full-Time employees who have completed three (3) months of employment will be enrolled in the Hospital’s Group Life Insurance policy. The Group Life Policy provides term life insurance to employees at no cost to the employee. Employees are insured for one times their annual salary rounded to the nearest $ 1,000 up to a maximum of $25,000. The amount of this insurance is adjusted each year on the premium anniversary date to reflect any raise you may have received.

Short Term, Long Term & Accidental Death & Dismemberment (CIGNA)

The hospital also offers employees the opportunity to purchase additional Long-Term Disability, Short Term Disability & AD&D through payroll deductions. Such plans are paid for by the employee. Premium assistance for Short Term & Long Term Disability is based on length of service. The amounts are as follows:

Years of Service Percentage Paid Years of Service by Hospital
0 through 4 years 0%
5 through 9 years 20%
10 through 19 year 40%
20 through 24 years 60%
25 & over 80%

Short Term Disability (STD); Long Term Disability (LTD); (90 days after 1st of month / CIGNA)

  • STD pays up to 60% of covered earnings to a maximum of $1,250 per week. Benefits begin on the 15th day and continue until the earlier of 26 weeks or no longer disabled.
  • LTD pays up to 60% of covered earnings to a maximum of $5,000. Benefits begin on the 181st day and continue until the earlier of retirement or no longer disabled.

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (CIGNA)

  • Flexible, high-limit 24-hour coverage for the entire family
  • Inexpensive protection against unforeseen sudden loss
  • Employees may elect up to $500,000
  • Spouse and Dependents automatically covered at a percentage of employee amounts
  • All amounts Guarantee Issue at initial enrollment
    • Plan includes Conversion

Voluntary Prepaid Legal Services, Inc

Your life events legal planner. Offers legal assistance and peace of mind on a number of services; i.e., traffic violations, driver’s license recovery, personal injury and property damage claims, will preparation, etc.

Voluntary VPI Pet Insurance

(4) different levels of coverage. You can choose which coverage suits your needs.

Miscelleanous Information

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts allows you to use pretax dollars to pay eligible dependent day care expenses and unreimbursed medical, dental, and vision expenses for services received during the plan year. You can set aside up to:

  • $2,700 in your Health Care Spending Account
  • $5,000 ($2,500 if married and filing separate returns) in your Dependent Care Spending Account. Dependents include children up to age 13 as well as your spouse, parent, or older child who lives with you and is incapable of self-care.

The Flexible Spending Program is designed to deduct your health insurance premiums from your pretax dollars. All employees enrolled in the Health Insurance program are not automatically enrolled in the Flexible Spending program.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance program is designed to help staff and their families deal with the stresses of everyday life. It provides a personal, professional, and confidential counseling service for employees and members of their household and is available through Guardian.

Retirement Plans

Defined Contribution Pension Plan

When an employee has met the minimum age requirement (twenty and one half years) and has been employed a year and a minimum of 1,000 hours per calendar year, they become a participant in the defined contribution pension plan based on retirement at age 65. The Plan provides an income to supplement Federal Social Security benefits income, from personal savings and any other investments you may have made during your working years to provide for the years following retirement.

The annual contribution made by the hospital on behalf of each employee in the Plan is based upon the employee’s annual earnings. The hospital’s contribution is made to an individual custodial account established by each employee.

The OGH Pension Program is a non-contributory plan (the hospital makes all contributions for the employee). Participation is automatic when eligibility is met. .

Voluntary 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Plan

This plan enables employees to make voluntary retirement contributions, on a pre-tax basis, to numerous investment options offered through the Hospital Association of New York State Benefit Services in conjunction with Benefit Plan Advisors.

You may (and it is typically recommended by experts as sound investment advice) start contributing to this plan immediately upon employment.

Eligibility for the hospital’s matching contribution begins following 12 months of employment. The hospital will match 50% of an employee’s contribution up to the first 4% of the employee’s earnings.

The money that you contribute, as well as the OGH match, is vested (owned by you) immediately. Your contributions and any earnings accumulate tax-deferred.

Direct Deposit

Your payroll check can be deposited directly to ANY financial institution of your choice.

Time Off

Staff will accrue Vacation Time, Sick Time and Holiday Time, depending on their years of service with OGH. Time Off is for vacation, occasional illness, personal business, and other paid time off needs. In the event you terminate employment eligible benefit time will be paid out.

Note: The above information is provided solely as a brief summary and explanation of the benefits Olean General Hospital offers. It is not intended to be an in-depth, detailed explanation. OGH reserves the right to offer or amend any of the information listed above.

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